Friday, June 17, 2016

June 2016 Meeting Recap

It's been an eventful couple of weeks.  In an effort to make sure that this recap didn't end up as long as a George R R Martin novel, a few things were given their own posts.

The guild is participating in #quiltsforpulse.  The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild put out a call for blocks or finished quilts.  You can find that post and all of the information needed here.  Bring blocks to the July meeting or send them to us by mid-July at the latest.

QuiltConEast registration is right around the corner.  If you are thinking of going, don't hesitate.  It sounds like there will be several members going this year and we even have a member who will be volunteering behind-the-scenes.  Get the 411 on that right here.  Member pre-registration starts June 25th.

Okay!  Onto the meeting recap!

Registering For QuiltCon

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Okay, people.  Before we delve in to the awesomeness known as the June meeting recap, we have to talk.  I have one word - 2 syllables - for you.



If you are a modern quilter or a fan of modern quilter or a spouse, parent, bff of a modern quilter, you need to know about QuiltCon.

QuiltConEast will be the first time that the QuiltCon event takes place on the east coast.  From February 23-26, 2017, thousands of quilters will descend upon Savannah, GA to meet, learn, share and celebrate the modern quilting movement.  Anyone is welcome to attend QCE and there are cash prizes for the majority of the categories for judging. <-----Click here for all of the details.

You may want to check out what our members said about previous QuiltCon experiences here.

Here's what you MUST do to ensure that you can jump right into registration!

  • Make sure that your membership information is up to date and accurate.
  • Make sure you are a registered member of the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild by June 20, 2016.
  • Look through the course guide and have a list of what lectures, workshops and activities you want to participate in,  Make sure you have some backups, just in case.  
  • Make sure your computer has pretty good internet connection.  This is no time for dial-up. 

"MQG Members will be able to access Member Pre-Registration through the MQG Community website as well as through an email that will be sent to them on June 25, 2016. Members will need to register with the email address that receives their MQG newsletters. Members will not need to use any special discount codes; discounts will be applied automatically.
MQG member pricing will end November 30, 2016. All MQG member registration thereafter will be at full price.
You must be a member BEFORE you register. We will not provide pro-active discounts to people who become members after they register."  -QuiltConEast 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Quilts For Orlando

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#quiltsforpulse #orlandolove #loveisloveislove #lovewins #stitchedwithlove 

A huge outpouring of support and love is flowing towards Orlando right now.  After the horrific events of this past weekend, the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild put out a call for blocks and quilts celebrating love and hope.  They are aiming for enough quilts for the survivors, the families of those lost and the first responders.  If they surpass their goal, the remaining quilts will be shared within the community.

Click here for a message from the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild.

Quilters make out of love.  It might be love of the recipient, the love of creating or the love of continuing a tradition.  Pittsburgh has a huge heart, so we are asking the quilters of the 'Burgh to join us in contributing blocks to the guild's quilt for Orlando.  Help us show them that they are loved.

  • Make a heart.  Three options are featured below.
  • Use rainbow, bright happy colors
  • Make a 12.5" block (12" finished) with a white (Kona) or low volume white background.  The Cluck Cluck Sew block below is 10" and would just need additional sashing.
  • If you are mailing them to us, please do so by mid-July.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

June 2016 Meeting : Making Traditional Designs Modern

It's that time again... Meeting announcement time!  June's meeting is all about taking traditional blocks or designs and tweaking them until they feel modern.  The best part is that decision is solely yours.  Everyone has a different threshold for "modern".  Sally is going to walk us through several traditional blocks and cover the different ways that you can alter them until they feel right to you and still honor the original intent.  On the other hand, you might want to steer away from traditional piecing, but you need a starting point.  Using an orphan block or traditional design in an entirely new way might help you get there.  Feel free to bring paper, crayons, pencils, etc to play around with designs. Sometimes the input from the quilter next to you is exactly what you need. :)  

PLUS, it's Paint Chip Challenge Time!  Bring your mini quilts and your entrance card (if you are entering) to the June meeting.  Amanda's last email covered adding the colors to the card and labeling the mini to ensure that you get it back.  They will be hanging at Spool and judged by the public.

All partner emails for the PAMQG Mini Swap have gone out.  Remember, the information you received is for the person you are creating FOR.  If you have any questions, ask Cheralee.  

2017 QuiltCon Charity palette

Last, but not least... The latest QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge has been released.  Bring your ideas (drawings if you have them) and your enthusiasm.  We are going to be voting on the coolest one!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 2016 Meeting Recap

If you missed the sew-in day at St. John's last week, you might want to put next year's on your calendar now.  There was homemade gnocchi, lots of sewing and a really funny gadget discussion.  :)

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Does this one fabric remind you of Tony the Tiger and Alex from Madagascar?  Anybody?  Bueller?

Congratulations to all of the members who have won in the spring quilt shows!  We are so proud to have such accomplished members!

For the favorite gadget portion of the meeting, there were alot of "AHA" moments when a member described their favorite tool and others agreed that they needed one of those.  There were also several instances where members didn't know exactly what to call their tool, but announced it was their favorite and they couldn't live without it! :)  The Purple Thang, a Hera Marker, a needle threader, a seam ripper, a binding tool, a chalk marking tool, a cup holder that clamps to the table and specific rulers were among the tools mentioned.  (The links for each item are not affiliate links or even the least expensive option if you are considering buying these items.  They are just the first one that had a decent picture that could be found.)  If your favorite gadget isn't listed, leave a message in the comments and it will be added!

Things to remember:

  • The Paint Chip Challenge mini quilts are due at the June meeting!
  • If you want to sign up for the PA MQG mini swap with the Capital Area MQG, Friday (05/20) afternoon is your last chance!
  • The Bridge Quilt is hanging at Spool for the next few weeks.  We were featured again on the MQG Facebook and Instagram accounts, too!
  • There wasn't alot of interest in the Fat Quarter Club, so we will review it for the new members in June and decided if we want to continue it or take a break for a bit.
  • If you took fabric to complete a charity block, please bring it to the June meeting. 

All in all, it looked like a really relaxing day, full of proud moments as progress was made on all kinds of WIPs.  Thanks to everyone who helped to set up and break down!  Your help was greatly appreciated!

Monday, April 25, 2016

May 2016 Meeting Announcement: Sew-In Time!

Hopefully you remembered to get your RSVP for the May 7, 2016 Sew-In on time.  If not, you can always drop by just for the meeting portion of the day at 1:00pm. 

Here are the details about the Sew-In...

The Sew-In will be at St. John's Lutheran Church (the same location as last year).  It will run from 9am-9pm.  Sally will be in contact with those people who responded to the poll about helping to set up and break down the tables.  Side note:  it might seem like a great idea to bring your own iron, but last year we had breaker overload problems. There will be irons and ironing boards available.  Please leave your own at home. Thanks!  Lunch is a potluck affair at noon, and the general May meeting will be at 1pm. Bring some cash if you want to chip in for dinner.  Last I heard, pizza was on the menu. The Sew-In is free for PGHMQG members and $20 for non-members.

Aside from a great day spent sewing (duh), here's what you can expect at the meeting...

  • Money for the June Fat Quarter Club will be collected. I (Cheralee) will be choosing the fabrics.  Suggestions or requests are welcome. The cost is $12. 
  • Any questions that might need answered about the Paint Chip Challenge introduced last month can be addressed at this meeting.  Here's a link to the info - Click here...
  • We are kicking off the Pennsylvania Modern Quilt Guilds Mini Swap!  We are partnering with the Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild and the sign up link is live now.  Click here...
  • We will be discussing our favorite sewing gadget.  You'll come away with a ton of new ideas and more reasons to go shopping.  :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Pennsylvania MQG mini swap is here!

Hi!  Thank you for your interest in the Pennsylvania Modern Quilt Guilds Mini Swap!  (We’re going to use #PAMQGminiswap from here on out.)  This swap was created in the hopes that modern quilt guilds across our state could interact with, influence, and introduce each other.  If you haven’t ever taken part in a mini swap, that’s OKAY. It’s easy, and fun. We are honored to have the Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild from Harrisburg participating with us!