Thursday, January 20, 2022

 January 2022 Meeting Recap

On January 6th we had our annual business meeting.

Our Agenda was:

- Membership roster distribution to members in February

       update your contact information if needed, email will be sent to members with instructions

- 2021 Budget

        Review of budget documents emailed to members

- Leadership elections

- 2021 Challenge winner drawing.  Every member who complete a quarterly quilt challenge gets an entry to win a spot our Annual Retreat. Congratulations to Tracey Z! She will receive a free overnight stay at our 2022 Retreat.

- 2021 Workshop Review

        Hand dying : 10 slots - 7 registered

        Freestyling spirals : 20 slots - 19 registered

       Circular explorations : 20 slots - 18 registered

- 2021 Retreat was a success!


Every January our members vote on the leadership positions. Leaders voted on for 1 year term with maximum of two tears in a position.

Big thank you for Barbara Cain for her work as Treasurer for the past 2 years.

Welcome to our leaders for 2022

President - Karen Womack

Treasurer - Jennifer Laverty

Programs - Mary Gregg

Membership - Gail Gausman

Social Media - Zsofia Molgaard

- Zoom Sewcials are held on the 3th Sunday every month 1pm - 3 pm. Members will receive an email with the link.

2022 Theme: Exploring Modern . Our quarterly challenges are 

          Q1 : MQG inspired design

          Q2 : Modern Negative Space

          Q3 : Modern Traditionalism

          Q4 : Free choice : I explored modern

Upcoming Zoom Workshop

   Walk the Talk and Quilt It with Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill

   Saturday, March 12 10 am- 5 pm

Our next in-person  meeting is on Sunday February 6th 1pm - 4pm. We hope to see you there!