Tuesday, March 16, 2021

 March Meeting Recap

On March 6th we hosted our first Sew Day of 2021. During the sew day we had a short business meeting. It was really nice to see our members in-person. Our members were busy working on different sewing projects.


 - Our annual retreat is scheduled from May 7 - May 9 . More info to come.

 - April virtual workshop : Free Styling and Spiraling . Seats are still available for members.

 - Our upcoming meeting are going to be in-person. We hope to see all of you!

Our first quarter challenge quilts were due on arch 6th. Our members made some great quilts

Our 2nd quarter quilt challenge is all about ugly/problem fabric.  Due by the June 6th meting.

Show and Tell

Our next meeting is on Sunday, April 11 in-person. We hope to see you!

Friday, March 12, 2021

 February Meeting Recap

We held our monthly guild meeting on February 7th. 


    Annual Retreat: Our annual retreat for members is scheduled from Friday May 7th through Sunday May 9th. More information to follow.

    QuiltCon: Our community outreach quilt, Moving in the Best Circles, has been submitted. The MQG will post the quilt show on line for all registered members. 


Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival Online - February 24-27

       1st Quarter quilt Challenge 2021 

           Subject: Pandemic

            Due Date : Saturday March 6th 

            Guidelines/ restrictions : None 

Here is an example made by Sandra. Cute little mugrug.


   Upcoming workshop

We are surveying interest for our March 6th all day Sew Day. Final decision will be announced by March 1st.

PGHMQG members if you have programming ideas / suggestions for 2021 - 2022 please email Missy at pghmqg.programs@gmail.com.

Guests are welcome to attend our meetings. Please RSVP to pittsburghmqg@gmail.com two days before the meeting for information.

We follow social distancing guidelines, and sanitize surfaces before and after meeting. The meeting is held in a large, spacious area with its own entrance. Please wear a mask.

We hope to see you at our next meeting. Stay safe and warm.