Thursday, May 7, 2020

Instagram for Quilting Inspiration

In this post, we will go over how you can search, follow, and draw inspiration for future quilting projects! Instagram is a fantastic place to find inspiration and also allows you to save a post for later viewing allowing you to search and save to your quilting heart's content!  

First and foremost you will have to download and create an Instagram account. 

When creating your account you will have a few decisions you will need to make, beginning with your account name (the guilds is pghmqg) this can be changed but should be something you are comfortable with and can change later is you wish. Also, if you would like your account to be "public" or "private". Public accounts mean that anyone on Instagram can see your posts. Private means that only approved friends can see your posts but keep in mind that Guild will not be able to share your posts on our Instagram page or stories. Lastly, your profile picture can be of you or of your quilt. If you use your face for your profile you will experience spam accounts. If you use a quilt this annoyance is almost cut out. Just food for thought. 

Once you create your Instagram account you can easily start finding and following other accounts and hashtags by using the search icon in the navigation buttons at the bottom of your page.  

Once you are in the search area you will find a few options. 

First, you will see auto-generated posts that you can scroll through at will. These posts are chosen by the program based on the post you like and search for trying to bring you content that you may not have seen yet.

When you are searching for specific inspiration its best to use the 'Search' bar at the top. Instagram will start to auto-generate a few search possibilities as you type. Mainly, accounts and hashtags that use the words your typing in wither the account name or a hashtag itself.  You can also try typing in a specific person name to find their account if you don't know what their account handle is. 

When you find the profile or hashtag you would like to follow its as simple as clicking the follow button on the profile. Once you start following an account or hashtag you will see everything they post on your main feed where you can scroll and scroll! 

Now a word about hashtags... Did you know ANYONE can make their own hashtag? It's a great way to keep track of personal projects or if others want to have 2 ways to find your images. For example, if your account is named @moderngreenstitches any quilt image you upload and place the hashtag #moderngreenstitches in the description will then show up when you search that hashtag. Pretty cool!

When you find a post you love or are inspired by you can easily save the post to a file by clicking the little "flag" icon near the bottom-right directly under the image you like. 

You can then make custom folders for different ideas making it quick and easy to organize your inspection for future projects. 

So, the next time you find a post you're inspired by you can click the "flag" and then add it to the folder it belongs to.

Saved posts are easy to view later by going to your main page and clicking the "menu" tab at the top right (three stacked, horizontal lines) and then going to the "Saved" tab. 

Another way to keep in contact with guild members and other quilty friends is by sending direct messages. If you go to your homepage then you will find a little "paper airplane" in the top right. By clicking on that you can then continue conversations that have already been started by clicking on the conversation or if you want to start a new conversation then you can click the "paper and pen" icon that will now be in the top right corner. If you are on someone's page there will also be a button you can click right under their profile that says "Message".

Something to explore further on Instagram is their "My Story" feature that allows you to post a photo, video, or post to your "story" for 24 hours. Many people use this to chronicle work progress or get feedback from followers. Once you have a photo, video, or post to share you can use the icons that run across the top to add hashtags, tag accounts, put in fun GIF's, or text. Then you can add to "Your Story" or send directly to others with the "Send To" button.  

As always when you post your beautiful quilt projects put the hashtag #pghmqg and #showusyourmqg others who follow those tags can see your work! Below is a list of all the guild member's Instagram accounts and Top 8 picks of other quilty accounts that leadership think are awesome!

Guild Members Instagram

Merrilee Anderson @driftedindrive

Tammy Angus @tammy_angus

Erin Balke @erin_and_cats

Missy Bauer @missy_b_sews

Beverly Breisinger @twofrogs84

Barbara Cain @modernquiltingbyb

Aimee DeFoe @project_elementary

Kathy Egnaczyk @seamingly.impossible

Sharon Galli @sharongalli

Gail Gausman @gailgausman

Mim Gerstenberger @mimmyseal

Barb Grossman @pghknitandcrochet

Amanda Hancock @sewsewlife

Tamara Howard @folkquilts

Erica Hurt @edge.of.elsewhere

Judy Irvin @judyk221

Melissa Jennings @somethinglikelaughter

Katie Kasel @katikat21

Suzan Koczka @sikoczka

Stacy Koehler @stacy.koehler

Michele Krugh @dreamingstardust

Jennifer Laverty @labomme

Ailish Luedde @ailish

Ricki Main @patchworkinprogress

Nikki Maroon @thegirlwhoquilts

Angela Mayer @gnometoucher

Jodi McLaughlin @fiberhaus

Laurie Mizrahi @lmizrahi

Zsofia Molgaard @sewsmall_by_zsofia

Carol Omer @carol.omer.5

Courtney Reed @sewthishappened

Sandra Schott @sewingsinceday1

Anne Shearon   @anneraspberry

Cheralee Stover @cheralees

Pam Valone @valonepam

Karen Womack @karenwquilts

Julie Zaichuk-Ryan @juliezryan

Tracey Zigo @traceyzigo

Leaderships Yop 8 Picks


All the Guild Members!





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