Tuesday, September 17, 2019

September Meeting Recap

Our September meeting topic was: Copyright in the quilting world 
Presented by Ryan Miller / The Webb Law Firm

We had a very informative discussion on how to protect our work and intellectual properties. There were lots of great questions from members.  

Sign up is still open for our Fall workshop:

North Pittsburgh Guild will host a Workshop on Wednesday, October 2nd 9am-3pm at the St. John's Lutheran Church (Cumberland Rd) 
Cory Pepper - Two blocks are better than one
To register, contact:
Stacy Koehler: skoequilt@aol.com
Kelly Gascoine : kellygascoine@gmail.com

Our quilt exhibits are displayed at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza.
-Pop Art
-Collection of members quilts

QuiltCon 2020
will be held in Austin, TX  / February 20-23
Featured quilter is Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Show entries close on November 30th.
there are 2 challenge categories:
- Stripe challenge / sponsored by American Patchwork and Quilting
- Indah Batik Me+You Challenge
See full details on the MQG website under Challenges section.

Guild Challenge quilt information:
Block packets will be available at the October meeting. Blocks will be sewn together to create the quilt and top at the December sew day on Saturday December 7th.

Our 2020 Retreat is booked!

Our wholecloth challenge quilts were due at the September meeting. 

Our last challenge for the year was announced at the meeting: Handwork!
Create a quilt using predominantly hand work
-Hand piecing
-Hand applique
-Hand embroidery

Have Fun!
Quilts are due at the December 7th meeting. Retreat raffle will also occur at the Dec. meeting.

Show and Tell

Our next meeting date is Sunday, October 6th. Our topic will be hand work. We will have a Hand work round robin featuring: EPP, hand applique and hand embroidery presented by Julie, Amanda, and B.

We hope to see you there!
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Instagram:  @PGHMQG , #pghmqg 
Facebook Page: Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild 

Sunday, August 4, 2019

August Meeting Recap

Our August meeting was held at the Tepper Building on CMU campus where we heard Stefani Danes and Doug Cooper talk about their collaborative mural work. The Tepper Building has a large mural created by them, and we got to hear all about the meaning behind the mural and their artistic processes. Doug creates drawings and Stefani pieces fabric to create panels. The drawings and the fabric panels are then assembled together to create the finished mural. Stefani's fabric panels flow from one drawn portion of the mural to the next. It was really inspiring to hear about their work!

After the presentation we met for our business meeting in a classroom upstairs:
QuiltCon class registration is open!
Member pricing ends November 30.
Quilt show entries are open now through November 30.

QuiltCon Challenges have been announced:
Stripes challenge sponsored by American Patchwork and Quilting
Indah Batik Me+You Challenge - the fabric is in! Contact Nikki to pick up your bundle

We voted on ideas for our 2020 QuiltCon Charity quilt, and B's idea to create a quilt with a quote from Abraham Lincoln, "A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand" won the vote.
B created a sample block of her design:
If you have fabric that you would like to donate to be used in the quilt top, please bring it to the September meeting. We would like pieces that are fat quarter sized or larger. We will curate a collection of fabrics to be used in the quilt, including those fabrics donated by members as well as any fabric we need to purchase to fill in the gaps. The color palette for this challenge is:
The 2019 QuiltCon charity quilt is going to the Ronald McDonald House to be auctioned at their Red Shoe Ball. It will be given to them after it hangs at the PNQE exhibit!

MQG is looking for applicants for a few task forces. More info can be found here.

PNQE quilts were due at the meeting today (August 4th). Please contact Nikki to drop your quilts off to her. Quilts must be dropped off by Monday, August 19th.

Our Tiny Town quilt won 1st place in group quilts at the Quilt Co East show! Thanks to B for designing and coordinating the projects, and to all of the members for helping piece and assemble it!

Our Making Faces with Melissa Averinos workshop is open! Check out the link for more info and to sign up!

The wholecloth challenge quilts are due next month at the September meeting. The next challenge will also be announced at that time.

The Salvation Army fabric sale is:
Saturday, September 28
Salvation Army Warehouse
820 Parish St
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Donations can also be brought to the above address.

North Pittsburgh Quilters Guild is hosting a Curved Log Cabins workshop with Augusta Cole!
Wednesday, September 4th
St. John's Lutheran Church
311 Cumberland Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
$25 fee + $8 for the pattern
To register contact:
Kelly Gascoine: kellygascoine@gmail.com
Stacy Koehler: skoequilt@aol.com

Show and tell pics! We had several people show us their wholecloth challenge quilts:

Our September 8th meeting is all about copyright in the quilting industry. This meeting will be at our normal meeting space, Holy Spirit cafeteria in Millvale.
Sandy's son-in-law, Ryan Miller of The Webb Law Firm, will be presenting.
Ryan will start off our meeting at 1pm with the business meeting to follow. We ask that you please arrive on time. We hope to see you there!

Monday, July 29, 2019

August Meeting - note location change!

August Meeting - At CMU Tepper Building

Date: Sunday, August 4th
Time: 1pm - 4pm
Location: CMU campus, Tepper Building
Stefani Danes will be presenting her work, including her collaborations with Doug Cooper!

Stefani will present at 1pm and we will have a brief business meeting following her presentation. Please plan to arrive on time!

Please bring your quilts for the PNQE exhibit. Nikki will collect them at the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting, please contact Nikki to schedule a time to drop off your quilts: pittsburghmqg@gmail.com

Stefani sent us the following details regarding parking on the day of the meeting:

On a Sunday, the big parking lot next to the building is open.  It’s entered from Morewood Avenue, between Fifth and Forbes.  Coming from Fifth Avenue, there are three buildings on the right side of the street, and the driveway is between the second and third buildings.  The driveway bends a little, then you can see the parking lot gate ahead, where the arm will be up.  Just park anywhere in that lot.  We’ll wait at the main door, which is in the big glass wall on that level (hard to miss!), since doors are locked on weekends except with CMU ID.

Monday, July 15, 2019

July Meeting Recap

We gathered on July 7th for our monthly meeting. We had a great turn out and we welcomed two new members.

   -  QuiltCon 2020 :
             - registration for members opened on June 25
             - quilt submissions opened July 1st
             -  check your Modern Monthly emails for free patterns, upcoming webinars, articles etc.
             - QuiltCon 2020 challenge quilt theme is TEXT.  Check out some examples of quilts using text and the color palette at this link. Bring your ideas to the August meeting where we will vote!

Our QuiltCon 2019 charity quilt was accepted to the Quilt Co. East show in group category. Show dates July 11-13 at St. Bernadette, Monroeville.
Our members voted on where to donate the QuiltCon 2019 charity Quilt. The Ronald McDonald House - Red Shoe Ball received the most votes.

Our POP Art quilt exhibit opened on July 1st at the Mt Lebanon Public Library. The exhibit is free and the quilts will be displayed until July 31st.

Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza will house the following 2 exhibits from our guild:
- POP Art
- Collection of member quilts

Show dates September 12-15, 2019
Oaks, PA

Our current quilt challenge is to create a wholecloth quilt!
 -create a modern wholecloth quilt
 -any size, any color, any fabric
 - NO pieced or applique elements
 -post your pictures on social media with the #pghmqgwholecloth hashtag.

Upcoming events:

Making Faces workshop! It is open to non-members too!

Our 2020 Retreat is booked!

Our meeting topic was: Using Vectornator, a free vector design app. Ailish showed us how the app works and explained how we can create shapes, add color, and  duplicate design elements to potentially create our own quilt designs. It was really fun to see how a simple shape could be so much more by changing scale, color, and angle to make an effective design.

Show and Tell

Our August Meeting will be Off Site! We will Meet on Sunday, August 4th 1pm-4pm at the Tepper Building on CMU campus. The topic will be: The works of Stefani Danes. We hope to see you there!