Sunday, September 17, 2017

PghMQG at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza

PghMQG members were featured in a great exhibit this weekend at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in Oaks, PA along with the Philly, Lancaster, and Central NJ MQG chapters. Thank you to all the members who participated by sending quilts and helping to organize the effort! Check out all the pretty pieces from the show below:

The Modern Solids Mini Challenge quilts looked great together and were a big hit at the show! Great job everyone!

Sally Martin "House of Cards"

L: Karen Womack "Rockstar Manicure", R: Nicole Maroon "Modern in Metallics"

Melissa Jennings :"Shake it Like a Polaroid"

Julie Stocker "Dangerous Roads"

Karen Womack "Naturally Curly"

Michele Krugh "Warm Summer Nights"

Stacy Koehler "Into the Dim"

Sandra Schott "Circle of Friends"

Melissa Jennings "I Dreamed it Up One Night"

Barbara Cain "First Circles"

Barbara Cain "Margarita Man"

Sally Martin "Improvisation"

Stacy Koehler "45"

Amanda Hancock "Resist"

Sharon Galli "Kimono Sun"

Sandra Schott "Don't Let This Happen"

Ailish Luedde "Sunflower Study"

TaMara Howard "Eclipse 2"

Barbara Cain "Temperance Please"

Aimee DeFoe "Chasing Rainbows"

Zsofia Molgaard "Southbound"

Sharon Galli "Camille"

Zsofia Molgaard "Gravity Mini"

Ailish Luedde "Growing Green"

Dia Sue-Wah-Sing "Collaborate"

Gerry Benton "Diamonds Triangles and Squares Oh My"

Gerry Benton "Modern Abstracts"

Amanda Hancock "A Little Lucid"

Nicole Maroon "Find Joy"

Nicole Maroon "Fowl Play"

Karen Womack "Tribe"

Julie Stocker "Modern Moda in Print"

L: Stacy Koehler "Early Star"  R:Melissa Jennings "New Friend"

Zsofia Molgaard "New Direction"

Michele Krugh "Sunsets"

Gerry Benton "Sunflowers in the Fall"

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  1. This is a SERIOUSLY talented group of quilters! I'm so impressed and amazed at what you all have created. Kudos!