Wednesday, July 20, 2016

QuiltCon Charity Quilt 2017 - Paolo Scirpa

The QuiltCon Charity Quilt committee has come up with a plan!  If you recall from the June recap, there were a handful of ideas percolating and a decision has been made.  After meeting, the group chose a Paolo Scirpa-inspired design.  Paolo uses the circle, square and 60 degree triangle with light and mirrors to simulate infinite art.  Many of the Italian artist's works use repetition and three-dimensional factors.

Here are the results for a quick search of his art. 

At the July meeting, a block from the outer portion of the quilt was available to look at.  Here's a sneak peek from Instagram.  (What's really cool is that there is a bunch of textures, too - Essex linen, chambray, denim!)

A photo posted by Lauren Jonkman (@ljonkman) on

One of the things we wanted to avoid was an abundance of fabric left over, like we had with The Bridge Quilt.  The small packets of blue fabrics that could be picked up in July are just enough to finish your block.  We did not purchase any additional yardage if there are hiccups in your assembly. Also, if you take a packet, we definitely need a block made.  Take a couple, there are a ton to make.  ;) 

If you did take a packet, the blocks are due at the September meeting.  If you haven't picked up any, packets will be available at the August meeting.

Here are the instructions for the blue background block.    It is an improv technique, but Lauren has clearly pointed out little hints to make things cohesive from block to block, like stitch length and trimming.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

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