Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild Inspiration Challenge

Here at the PghMQG, we aren't afraid to throw around a hashtag.  This latest one, though, might be the one for you.

The inspiration challenge is a new monthly series of opportunities for you to stretch outside of your comfort zone.  Each month you create a block inspired by the season unfolding around you.  There are no rules, no guidelines, no limits.  Whatever you make is your own masterpiece.  Try a fabric or color that you have never dared to use.  Make a tiny block or make it oversized.  It is truly up to you.  It's okay to stay within your skill set, but you are encouraged to try a new technique here and there.  Loosen up and let the passing months be your compass...

Not only will these 12 blocks combine to make a potential quilt top, we have lined up some prizes along the way.  Each month when you show your block at show and tell, you will be entered in a drawing for goodies.  For those intrepid souls who make a finished quilt from all twelve blocks, a grand prize drawing will take place with a really special reward at the end.

Here is the link to a worksheet to help you narrow down your options...

Ask yourself these questions:

What are some of my favorite things about the month of _____________?

What is my inspiration point for this month?

What are the color combinations/design elements that I want to explore this month?

Do I want to place any restrictions on myself this month?
What are some techniques I want to explore this month?

Of course, if you post a photo on Instagram, use the #pghmqgic tag.  You don't have to just use it on IG, though.  Add it to a Twitter post or throw that baby onto a Facebook picture.  We'll find it.  :)