Friday, June 17, 2016

June 2016 Meeting Recap

It's been an eventful couple of weeks.  In an effort to make sure that this recap didn't end up as long as a George R R Martin novel, a few things were given their own posts.

The guild is participating in #quiltsforpulse.  The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild put out a call for blocks or finished quilts.  You can find that post and all of the information needed here.  Bring blocks to the July meeting or send them to us by mid-July at the latest.

QuiltConEast registration is right around the corner.  If you are thinking of going, don't hesitate.  It sounds like there will be several members going this year and we even have a member who will be volunteering behind-the-scenes.  Get the 411 on that right here.  Member pre-registration starts June 25th.

Okay!  Onto the meeting recap!

If you took fabric to make an improv tree branch block, the completed block needs to be brought to the July meeting.  These were started during the May sew-in and they have all been picked up for assembly.  Let's get those done and off our plates.

The Fat Quarter Club has been shelved due to lack of interest.  We may do it again, but some suggestions by Melissa sounded cool, so if revisited it will be with some tweaks.

Paint Chip Challenge: The mini quilts will be hanging in Spool through the end of June.  Anyone who enters the store can vote on their favorite!  When voted on by our members, there was a tie!  Congrats to Ailish/Lauren/Zsofia!  Please stop by and support all of the hard work. (The variety of sizes made making collages a bit tricky.  The last photo wouldn't size correctly - all the more reason to go see these beauties in person!)

The QuiltCon Charity Quilt palette and theme have been released.  Ideas thrown around included the works of Paolo Scirpa and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Make-Believe.  A group will be meeting independently to come up with a design.  Contact Lauren if you want to be included.

PAMQGMiniSwap:  All of the partner emails have been sent out.  A check-in will occur around the last day of June to see if you have made contact with your partner and that you have been contacted as well.

Sally & Cheralee's presentation  was about altering traditional blocks using different factors to create a more modern feel.  You can use shape and proportion to make the classic "wonky" version.You could also deconstruct the block, moving all of the pieces apart or rearrangin the order.  You can vary the scale within the block.  Rather than be repetitive, you might isolate a block and give it lots of negative space.  Layering the design within itself also creates the repetition of the traditional quilt, but focuses the eye in one spot while leaving lots of negative space, a hallmark of modern quilting.  Some blocks rely on specific color placement to emphasize the lines.  You can always move the darks and lights to where YOU want them.  Reducing a busy block to a series of line drawings can clear away the "clutter" and leave a sparse, open design that evokes the traditional, but is much cleaner.  Sometimes you can achieve a new look by just adding or eliminating sashing.  Throw out the belief that a quilt block "must" meet certain guidelines and an entire new world opens up.  Here is the link to the handout and drawings from class.

Shannon Page courtesy of The MQG
As part of your PghMQG membership, you can use for the Modern Quilt Guild's site and features.  This month the webinar is Making Traditional Modern With Shannon Page.  This fits perfectly with our month's theme with Sally and Cheralee.  It also fits great with the theme for our #PAMQGminiswap!  Click here to register. 

In July, we will be joined by Kori Turner Goodhart of Olive Grace Studios in Cortland, Ohio.  Kori's work has been receiving lots of attention and her patterns have been featured in several magazines in the last year.  She will be creating an exclusive sampler for our "Handwork"-themed meeting.  Kits and handwork supplies plus her patterns will be available to purchase, too.  The sampler design will be provided in the meeting announcement for July so you can pre-order if you wish.  Cash or card will be accepted.

Dates to Remember:

June 20- Last day to be registered for QuiltCon member discount
June 25-QuiltCon Member pre-registration
July - Dues for 2017 membership are due
July 10-July's Handwork Meeting with Olive Grace Studios 
Aug 14-Pattern Drafting with B
Sept - Last chance to renew your membership
Sept 11-Basics 101 & Preparing Your Quilt
Oct - FMQ workshop with Nikki

PS - Don't forget to check out our Flickr stream where you can find all of the photos from this meeting, including some very cool Show & Tell items!

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