Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Pennsylvania MQG mini swap is here!

Hi!  Thank you for your interest in the Pennsylvania Modern Quilt Guilds Mini Swap!  (We’re going to use #PAMQGminiswap from here on out.)  This swap was created in the hopes that modern quilt guilds across our state could interact with, influence, and introduce each other.  If you haven’t ever taken part in a mini swap, that’s OKAY. It’s easy, and fun. We are honored to have the Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild from Harrisburg participating with us!

The theme for this swap is “Traditional Made Modern” and this means that you will create a mini quilt taking a traditional quilt block or design and make it modern.  How you do that is up to you and your partner.  Remember, you are creating for someone else, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own signature spin on your mini.

  • Mini quilts are anywhere from 12” square to 30” square.  They can be hand quilted, machine quilted, or tied.  They can be pieced, appliqued or embellished.  They can be round, or square, or oval - it all depends on what you are comfortable with as well as what your partner likes.  
  • The fabric for this swap is going to be designated as “Local Quilt Shop” quality.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t use that great sale fabric that you found at JoAnn’s!  It does mean that you should examine your fabrics to make sure that it will play nice with the Kona cottons, the Essex Linens and the Moda precuts that are out there.  Most minis are hung on the wall, but you never know when you might need to wash it.  Be sensible is all we ask.
  • You will be creating for a partner, but you will be receiving from another quilter.  That maximizes the number of new friends you can make.  Some swaps are secret, but we thought that hinders the point of making friends here.  You will receive the information for the partner you are creating for.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.  Stalk their Pinterest boards.  Watch their social media accounts.  Many swaps ask you to post a mosaic, a 9 or 16 image collection, that shows what they like and tries to give pointers to their partners.  Feel free to do that!  Tag any social media pictures with the hashtags #pghmqg (That’s Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild) #camqg (That’s Capital Area Modern Quilt Guild) #PAMQGminiswap (That’s our swap!)  
  • One last thing!  Every quilter has a different skill set.  We each have a different level of experience.  We ALL have points that don’t match.  It’s okay.  Make from your heart, do your best and be gracious when receiving your mini.  

Let’s get started!

This swap starts circa Memorial Day and ends circa Labor Day.  Your mini should be received by Labor Day, so ship with that in mind.  If you decide to personally deliver it, that’s cool!

Post photos on social media of your work in progress.  Add the hashtags above so we can all see them.  Everybody likes to know that things are going well.  These are called check-ins. If you aren’t posting photos or talking to your guild rep, we might reach out to make sure you’re doing okay.  If something comes up, tell your guild rep and your partner right away.  We don’t want anyone left hanging.  It’s okay to not be able to finish because of life, but please don’t disappear on us.  

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