Monday, May 18, 2015

June Meeting Announcement

June is rapidly approaching (where did the Spring go?!) and we are looking forward to seeing everybody for the next meeting on Sunday, June 7th at 1:00pm. We will be meeting at the Pittsburgh Project, as usual. The topic of this meeting will be Improv Piecing, led by Lauren. 

Lauren's Improv workshop supply list:

We're going to keep this pretty simple since the most fun thing about improv piecing is that it should be about doing what you want and how you want to do it!
  1. Bring a selection of fabrics to choose from (scraps, fat quarters, yardage, old clothes, leftover quilt blocks, whatever).  The amount you bring will determine the size of the finished piece.  Try to bring a selection of values, but otherwise there are no rules.  Don't over think it!
  2.  Bring all the other supplies you need to sew with.  For me, that means: 
    1. Machine 
    2. Rotary cutter + mat 
    3. Scissors 
    4. Iron + travel ironing board
    5.  Extension cords 
    6. Piece of batting or felt to use as a design board
    7.  An open mind
Some extras that might be useful but aren't required:  pins, erasable fabric marker, ruler (you heard me correctly, rulers are optional and you’re only allowed to use them at the end to square up your piece!)

Other things that will happen at the June meeting include:
  • June Fat Quarter Club disbursement
  • Voting on 2015 fiscal years dues 
  • 2016 Quiltcon challenge discussion 
  • Mona is collecting 9" or 12" crazy quilt blocks made from the donated fabric that was given out at the retreat
  • Sarah is collecting 12x18" blocks that are green/blue/grey for a charity quilt collaboration
  • other fun stuff!
Don't forget to bring some show and tell items! We can't wait to see what everybody has been working on!

See you in June!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pgh MQG Spring Sewing Retreat Wrap Up

Thank you to everybody who came out to the retreat last weekend! It was great to reconnect with old friends and lay the foundation for new friendships with some fresh faces. We would like to extend a big welcome to Ana, our newest member!  

Those who attended the retreat last Saturday ate well; laughed a lot; sewed an amazing variety of blocks and projects; learned new skills; shared ideas; gained inspiration and just had a great old time. The hall at St John's Lutheran Church gave the 22 attendees ample room to spread out with their sewing machines, fabric and tools. Be sure to check out the guild flickr page to see all the photos from the retreat.

Michelle showing off the hexie sewing machine cover she is working on!

Sally's beautiful block!

Cheralee brought a basement sized donation of fabric from a very generous local woman to the retreat. Like vultures we quickly culled the pieces that we liked from this large pile of fabric! While the fabric reflected past tastes there were a lot of great finds to be had.  A big “THANK YOU” to Cheralee for picking up the stash.   

As with any group of women there was plenty of food being shared and sampled! After lunch Gerry Benton gave wonderful suggestions and tools to help us add circles and curves to our repertoires. Gerry discussed the different types of circles that you may want to use and also gave many alternatives for tools and techniques for each one. Gerry’s circles are awesome and hopefully one day we will be able to do as well. Gerry’s advice is to take the extra time to prepare and the results should follow.   
Gerry displaying what you too can achieve when you master the curvy techniques!
Eight people participated in the block raffle- Amanda, Dia, Gerry, Sally, Mona, Cheralee, Sandy, and Gretchen. These names were entered into a drawing, and Gerry won all six blocks.  We can’t wait to see what Gerry does with them!  

The blocks entered into the block raffle

Door prize winners were: Michelle won a bag for mats and rulers, Amanda received the book "Shape Workshop for Quilters", Gerry and Elmira were the lucky winners of gift certificates to Quilter’s Corner, and Karen nabbed a small fabric bucket. Most people stayed till dinner time, and six of us sewed on till 9 PM.The next retreat is planned for September. Hopefully you can join us!

In the meantime you can work on a block for our next charity quilt. Sarah is collecting 12” x 18” blocks that are blue, green and gray. If you attended the retreat don’t forget to make a 9" or 12" “crazy block” using the donated fabric by the next meeting. Drop the guild an email if you need to mail these blocks to somebody. 

The next meeting is June 7th. We will be doing improv piecing with Lauren. More details will be posted soon!  Remember we are the group that never stops quilting, and we continue to meet during the summer!