Wednesday, October 22, 2014

November Meeting - Star Quilt Assembly

It's hard to believe October is almost over and we are approaching our November meeting.  We will meet, as usual, at the Pittsburgh Project from 1-4 on Sunday, November 2. 

At our October meeting, we worked on assembling our quilt for the Pittsburgh Project.  We learned a few lessons along the way and hope that assembling the Quilt Con quilt at the November meeting will be a little smoother!

If you would like to contribute to the Quilt Con quilt, please bring a wonky star block that fits the Quilt Con color scheme.  You can also whip one up quickly at the beginning of the meeting if you don't have time before then!

Quilt Con Color Scheme
Quilt Con Color Scheme
Quilt Con Color Scheme

We need more small blocks than anything, so please keep your stars on the smaller side.  They can be any even finished dimension up to six inches (2.5", 4.5", and 6.5" unfinished).

We envision the quilt having a lot of white space in one corner, grading to a more dense field of stars in the other corner, similar to the Bloom quilt by V and Co shown below.  Please keep this in mind when deciding what size to make your stars - we need lots of white space and are shooting for a twin-size.

The stars should float in a field of low-volume prints and solids in light grays, light neutrals, and white.  Please bring any extra fabrics that fit this description or fit the color scheme for use in assembling the top.

We hope to assemble the entire quilt top at the meeting - it would be nice if we could get the back assembled simultaneously and someone could make the binding.  Melissa has volunteered to quilt the finished product - it has to be completely finished and mailed to Austin before our January meeting, so hopefully you will get to see the finished product at our holiday party.

Bring sewing machines, coordinating thread, irons, ironing surfaces, cutting supplies, and your creativity!  See you next weekend!