Sunday, September 21, 2014

PghMQG Charity Quilts!

At our September meeting, we discussed our upcoming charity quilt opportunities and finalized our vision for the quilts.  We are really excited to complete these projects together!

Pittsburgh Project Donation

We have decided that since the quilt for the Pittsburgh Project has to be completed for their fundraiser in early December, we should focus our efforts on it.

The palette is shown below - the corresponding Kona names are shown on last month's blog post, but you don't have to use Kona or solids at all!  Feel free to pull from your stash.

This quilt will be a modern sampler - make any modern quilt block you like!  All blocks shall match the palette selected above and the finished size shall be a multiple of two inches (i.e., unfinished sizes such as 2.5"x10.5", 6.5"x6.5, 8.5"x10.5", etc) up to about 12".

Please bring your completed blocks to the October meeting so we can begin piecing the quilt.  If you cannot make it to the October meeting, please arrange to send your blocks to the meeting with another member.  If you haven't had a chance to make your blocks by the October meeting, feel free to work on them first thing at the meeting as we begin arranging the finished blocks.  Please bring any leftover fabric matching the palette so that we can fill in the blanks between blocks.

We plan to piece the quilt top at the October meeting and hope to have it quilted by the November meeting, at which time we will bind the quilt and prepare to present it to the Pittsburgh Project!

Quilt Con Charity Quilt Challenge

The MQG has issued a challenge for guilds to complete a quilt for a charity of their choice (discussed in last month's post).  As this quilt must be completed by January 3, 2015, we realize that it may be ambitious to complete two charity quilts during the busy fall months and holiday season.  The guild has been registered to make one quilt that will be displayed at Quilt Con this spring and then returned to us for donation to a charity of our choice.

At the October meeting, we decided to make a modern star quilt using the Quilt Con Challenge palette shown here.  The background fabric should be the white/gray (light colors) and the stars should be made with the bolder colors.  Stars should be finished sizes in multiples of two inches (like the Pittsburgh Project quilt).

This quilt may require a little more time outside of the regular meetings for assembly as we are quickly running out of meeting time before the deadline.  Please consider helping out with this quilt, but we do understand that it may be difficult for everyone to participate due to the time crunch.

October Meeting Supplies

Please bring your sewing machine, leftover fabrics matching the color palette(s), and any ancillary sewing supplies you might need to help us piece to top or create additional blocks (iron, rotary cutter and mat, rulers, scissors, etc).  If you have an extension cord, please bring it, too as outlet space is at a premium.

As you finish up your blocks, don't forget to post them to our Flickr group!

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