Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Motion Quilting, Session 1 - Supply List

Ginger will be presenting the first of two free motion quilting workshops on Sunday, November 17.  The supplies required for the workshop are listed below:
  • Sewing machine and any support you normally use to quilt.  Example: a sew steady table to surround a portable machine. Ginger will be demonstrating how to make a large support for machine quilting on a domestic machine.
  • We will be lowering our feed dogs to quilt - if  this is a new experience  please bring machine manual.
  • Darning foot, also called free motion foot, for your machine.  If you do not have one, they are available at Thornton Company (412-366-6611).
  • Ginger will be demonstrating the use of  the supreme slider, machingers quilting gloves, and bobbin genies.  If you have any of these items, please bring them.
  • Machine needle, universal size 80/12.
  • Thread - Ginger will be using Superior So Fine 50 Weight (we will discuss threads and needles).  We will be sewing on cream muslin so any contrast color will work.  Fill two bobbins with matching thread.
  • Scissors
  • Marking tools - washaway blue Dritz pen, etc
  • Ruler - 12-inch square ruler
  • Quilt sandwiches - make a couple 15 inches by 15 inches, use a light weight batting or warm and natural.  Use a print for backing and a solid cream or white muslin for the top.  If you need fabric, Ginger will have extra sandwiches (sorry no peanut butter and jelly though).  You can safety pin (at least 3 inches apart) baste or spray baste the layers together.
During this workshop, we will be covering:
  • tension issues - both yours and your machine's :)
  • how to handle a large quilt on a home machine
  • products that make free motion quilting easier
  • ergonomic considerations when quilting
  • how to develop a method to keep stitches even
  • meander, stippling, and loop-d-loop designs
  • sewing a marked design, a plotted design, and totally free form filler designs (swirls, pebbles, paisleys)
  • how to audition designs before sewing them on quilts
  • how to fall in love with FMQ
If anyone has a specific question or issue they would like covered, please let Ginger or the leadership team know before the workshop. 

Ginger is looking forward to our workshop and hopes to share some of the knowledge she has gained quilting with her gloves on and her feed dogs down.  She has planned this first workshop to cover basis and techniques.  Session 2 will look at design, creating patterns, and using the aid of many different types of rulers and templates.

See you on November 17!

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