Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Madrona Road Fabric Challenge - Gina

Today we bring you Gina's Madrona Road Challenge quilt, Journey to a Simpler Life.

Gina's Madrona Road Challeng Quilt - Journey to a Simpler Life

This was my first challenge quilt and I am thrilled that I did it! It got me over my "fear of submitting my work" and now I am eager for the next challenge!!

After reading the story behind the Madrona Road collection, my focus became a "journey to a simpler life".  Images of rural land and uneven roads were the inspiration for my schematic sketches and layout for the quilt.

Journey to a Simpler Life

I started with my sketch of improv pieced field and road bands, quickly realizing that I didn't have enough fabric!  After adding a bit more fabric to my pile, I begin playing around with wonky 9-patch blocks.  My thought was to combine strips of improv piecing with these 9 patch blocks...The final layout ended up quite different and more "structured".

I used the wonky nine patch blocks on the back of the quilt and really like the way it turned out!

Wonky Nine Patches

I maintained my original idea of a pieced field but chose to use one earth-tone color instead of multiple neutrals. This allowed for better contrast with the "paths".  Piecing the neutral field was tons of fun and I love the visual texture it added to the piece!!

Front Detail

Working with this more subdued palette was a challenge for me, but it felt good working with colors I don't typically use!  What are challenges for right! 

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous quilt, Gina!  The quilting really brings everything together!

Stay tuned for two more Madrona Road Fabric Challenge reveals.


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