Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Meeting Highlights

The Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild welcomed Ginger Krenn as a guest speaker at the January 6th meeting. Ginger shared her extensive knowledge and experience of sewing and sewing machines. Topics discussed included proper machine maintenance and cleaning techniques, proper needle selection, types of thread and best use of thread, and important criteria to consider when purchasing a new machine. Ginger also provided Guild members with reference guides to use when choosing the most appropriate needle and/or thread for sewing and quilting. Members were encouraged to ask questions both during and after the presentation.

Thank you Ginger for an informative and interesting presentation. We are so lucky you are a part of the guild!

Ginger demonstrating the proper way to clean a sewing machine
After the presentation the PGH MQG’s Mission Statement was reviewed and reaffirmed. It was unanimously decided that the Mission Statement would remain the same as originally worded. The Mission Statement would also be prominently located on the blog in order to communicate the purpose of the guild. Overall, going forward the guild decided we would have a much more casual approach to our existence. Those present at the meeting acknowledged what we enjoyed the most about our group: making, learning, creating, and slowly developing our local modern quilt commmunity. Although we have bylaws we will not spend time scrutinizing them. They are to be considered as guildlines, but the guild will function organically and ultimately membership will make the big decisions. As the guild grows we will determine as a group how the guild will evolve.

As well, starting in February the guild meetings will be less formal. There will be an opportunity for business during the first fifteen minutes, but the focus of the meeting will be about learning, making, and sharing our love of modern quilting. At this time, the Guild recognizes the following leadership: Jodi /President, Gina/Vice-President, Lauren/Treasurer and Melissa/Social Media Coordinator. Kathy volunteered to provide a monthly meeting recap for the blog as it was decided we currently do not need a Secretary or formal meeting notes.

The meeting concluded with a show-and-tell session. The PMQG’s Austin Children’s Shelter Quilt was displayed for Guild members. Jodi also shared her modern quilt (Housewarming) that was accepted into the QuiltCon Quilt Show. Guild members shared WIP’s and finished quilts.

Present: 10 Guild members and two guests

Next PGH MQG meeting scheduled for Sunday, February 3, 2013. There will be a presentation on using Flickr and a Show and Sew*.

(*A Show and Sew is an opportunity for modern quilters to show off their latest projects, present WIPs and ask for advice from the group, and work on current projects. Bring your sewing machine, whatever you are currently working on, and an extension cord.)

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  1. Many thanks, Kathy and Melissa, for putting the January meeting summary together. I'm already enjoying the more relaxed approach to the guild!