Friday, November 2, 2012

The Official Definition of "Wonky"

Wonky 9 patch with insertion strips

I have been asked to define the word "wonky" on a few occasions over the past few months. Having heard the word used over the past few years among other modern quilters I inferred it to mean uneven, askew, or something similar- especially with some of my early improvisational blocks. However, I never took the time to look up the word until now.

Wonky Geese WIP

The official definition from is
Wonky (adjective; pronounced [wong-kee]; British slang)
wonkier; wonkiest
1a. shaky; groggy; or unsteady
1b. unreliable; not trustworthy 
2. Slang- stupid; boring; unattractive

There are other similar definitions, including awry and askew. I'm excited to see the progressive use of "wonkier" and "wonkiest." Maybe we need to have a contest to see which modern quilter can create the wonkiest block. That could be fun!!!

Will we see you all on Sunday? Hope so! - Jodi

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