Sunday, September 30, 2012

Quilter's Stash Sale

Hi modern quilters.
We received an email from Louise Grace letting us know of a sale she is holding next weekend. It might be worth checking out if you are looking to build up your stash.

Oct. 5, 6, & 7 at 131 Lynnwood Ave., Belle Vernon, PA 15012
"It is a lovely, huge selection of 15 boxes of fat quarters, yardages, supplies, etc.  My sister was a favorite buyer of vibrant colors, patterns, and batiks."

She sent along her contact information should any of you want it. Just shoot us an email and we can pass it along.

See you at the meeting next weekend. -Jodi

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New challenge!

Hello All,

Modern Quilts Unlimited Magazine has announced a competition for QuiltCon with a $1,000 prize. The challenge is to create a modern miniature quilt with a 24" square footprint or less. Quilts can be made by individuals or groups. The winner gets the cash and a subscription to the new magazine.


QuiltCon Challenge blocks, final week

Hello All,

This was a busy week for Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild on the QuiltCon Challenge block blog! Besides Stephanie and Jodi's blocks earlier in the week, our guild was represented Thursday, Friday AND Saturday.

On Thursday the theme was Log Cabins. Stephanie Akorli, Mona Randall and Gina Konopack were all featured. You can see their blocks at QuiltCon Challenge: Log Cabins.

Curves was Friday's theme. Michelle Urbanek had three blocks in the posting! Go to QuiltCon Challenge: Curves to see them.

And finally, Saturday's post featured blocks with Applique and Embellishment. Ginger Krenn's dragonfly is one of the blocks shown. See this one at QuiltCon Challenge: Applique and Embellishment.

Tomorrow Elizabeth Hartman will begin to announce the twenty winners of the challenge. Those blocks will be made into a quilt to be raffled off at QuiltCon in February to benefit the Modern Quilt Guild. Good luck everyone! I'm betting we'll be represented!


Friday, September 21, 2012

October Workshop: Wonky Crosses

Wonky Crosses

As previously announce the October meeting, which is Sunday, October 7 from 1:00-4:00 PM at the Pittsburgh Project will feature a show and tell and an abbreviated workshop on wonky crosses. Several people recently expressed an interest in having a show and tell, which would give meeting attendees an opportunity to show off recently completed work and WIPs. It's an excellent opportunity to share your creativity, explain your process, and even throw questions out to the group to help you get that project to the next step. Please bring your work or photos of recently completed work to share with the group.

Following the show and tell Gina will lead an shortened workshop on constructing wonky crosses. It's a combination of improv piecing and block building. The example above is a set of four 8 X 8 blocks I put together using fabrics from Marcia Derse's Riverwoods Collection. Derse is a fiber artist from Ohio, and Quilter's Corner in Finleyville carries a lot of her fabrics. These blocks are really fun and easy and look great as you add on to them. This could easily turn into a table runner or quilt depending on how ambition I feel.

General supply list:

  • sewing machine
  • rotary cutter
  • mat
  • pins (optional)
  • iron (optional)
  • extension cord(s)- just in case we don't have enough

Fabric: For 8X8 blocks you will need fabric that is at least 8.5 X 8.5; insertion strips need to be about 10" long and 1.5-2.5" wide. A variety of print and solids fabrics can be used. Scraps are always welcome.

Fees: All guests attending their first or second meeting are asked to contribute $5 to help cover cost of renting the space. Those who have already attended two meetings are asked to join the guild. Dues are only $15 if you have paid for your first two meetings. Please see the About Us page for more information on guild membership and dues.

We look forward to seeing everyone in October. Please email us or leave a comment below if you have any questions. We love hearing from all of you! See you soon, and thanks!
- Jodi

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gina's Flying Geese

Hello All, 

Just a quick note to post the pattern for the Shifted Flying Geese that Gina demonstrated at our September meeting. If you would like a scalable pdf file sent to you, send us an email through the Contact Us link at the right.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

QuiltCon Challenge and more

Hello All! 

Lori here, dipping my toes into the blogging pool. Today I want to let you know about the two latest blocks from our group for the QuiltCon Challenge to be posted on The Modern Quilt Guild website.

Yesterday's post featured triangles and one of Stephanie Akorli's blocks was included. Today, the theme was rainbow blocks and Jodi's prayer flags block was among those shown. Nice job, ladies!

If you haven't seen the blocks yet, go to and check them out. So many unique and creative ideas! You can also sign up to get the national blog entries mailed to you as they are posted, just by subscribing to their newsletter.

While you're over there, be sure to take a look at the 100 Days of Modern Quilting page. A while back The Modern Quilt Guild ran fourteen weeks of entries on topics ranging from improvisational piecing, composition and inspiration to shapes, color, prints and solids. Each week featured individual quilts that were good examples of the topic and -- my favorite part -- a round up of links to a wide variety of tutorials for that topic. Some of those links include tutorials for machine-piecing hexagons, binding curvy quilts, making a design wall, creating a quilt block in Illustrator and more. Talk about inspiration! 

Take a look, you'll find something to get your creative juices flowing. Then come back here and post your quilting results on our Flickr page. And feel free to tell us your favorite quilting/sewing tutorial links in the comments, below. We'd love to hear from you!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

October General Meeting, Show & Tell, and Workshop

Hello modern quilters!

Our October monthly meeting is Sunday, October 7, from 1:00-4:00 PM at the Pittsburgh Project. In addition to our general meeting we will also host a show and tell of your current projects, and hold a workshop on wonky cross blocks. Please read on for more information:

General Meeting- some points of discussion
Secretary- We had a leadership change at the September meeting (see the September meeting notes for details) and are in need of a secretary. The secretary of the guild takes meeting notes and provides them promptly to the leadership to publish to the Guild's website for our members. The secretary is also asked to attend leadership meetings and provide insight and ideas for guild development. If you are interested in running for guild secretary please email us with a brief bio about yourself. A vote will be held to fill this position at the October meeting.

Forming of new committees- As discussed briefly at the September meeting the guild would like to establish its first two committees- Marketing/Communications and Outreach. The purpose of these committees is to begin exploring marketing and outreach opportunities for the guild. Committee members will be asked to meet as often as needed to develop marketing and outreach plans for the guild. The first Outreach committee project will be the QuiltCon Austin Children's Shelter quilt once materials arrive.

Any one interested in signing up for the Marketing/Communications or Outreach Committees please email us or speak with a leadership member before the start of the October meeting.

Show and Tell
Several people expressed an interest in a Show and Tell at the October meeting. You got it!

After the general meeting anyone who has is interested in participating in the Show and Tell will be given a few minutes to show off and discuss any recently completed modern quilt projects or ask for advice/suggestions for any works-in-progress (WIPs). We ask that participants be respectful of time (i.e. 5 minutes is good; 30 minutes is bad) as we would like everyone to have an opportunity to share their project. Please bring your work as we are eager to see what everyone has been up to lately!

Wonky Cross Workshop
Since we will be hosting a Show and Tell this month we will host an abbreviated workshop on Wonky Crosses.
Gina, vice president, will once again be leading us as we create another modern block- the wonky cross.

Supply list: We will post the supply list in the next day or so. It will be similar to the supplies used for the last two workshops.

November and December Meetings (Looking toward the future...)
The PGH MQG hosted three modern quilt workshops- improv piecing, modernized flying geese, and wonky crosses. At our November meeting we ask attendees to bring along the work they made in one or all of these workshops to put together a completed project, such a table runner or mini quilt.

In addition to previously made blocks/tops please bring batting and fabric(s) for backing. There will be an opportunity to make additional blocks during the sew-a-long. Tips on completing projects and quilting will also be provided.

We will be hosting an end of the year/holiday party in early December to celebrate the PGH MQG and a successful year. Details to come, but start thinking about it. It will be here before you know it!

Weekend Quilt Block Post

(From the MQG website)

We are getting closer to September 24 when the Modern Quilt Guild will begin announcing the blocks selected for the QuiltCon raffle quilt. Until then we await with baited breath and muse over the daily postings of submitted blogs by category. Two more blocks from the Pittsburgh MQG were posted yesterday on the Modern Quilt Guild website. They were categories as "Angles Both Wonky and Not." One of my blocks and Stephanie's are featured on each end of the bottom row- we were both wonky.

A few of you have received recent notifications from Elizabeth Hartman letting you know your blocks will soon be featured, too. We will do our best to also display the post on our local guild blog to share the quilt block love!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More blocks! More blocks! More blocks!

(Photo from MQG website)

More blocks! More blocks! More blocks!

Mona and Lori both had blocks featured this morning for the Graphic Stripes and Angles category.

Maybe I need more of a life but I am so excited when I wake up in the morning. When I finally sit down with a cup of coffee and breakfast each morning the first thing I usually do is check to see if the MQG has updated the blog with a new post featuring quilt blocks.

Is anyone else feeling inspired by all of the amazing and original blocks people all over the world are creating? I wonder what blocks we will receive when we put together our guild shelter quilt for Quilt Con...

There will be an update post soon. I apologize for the delay. We are finalizing details for October. In the mean time we did post the meeting notes for the September meeting for your review. Lori, our new social media coordinator, also posted photos of the blocks we created during Gina's modernizing flying geese workshop. Thanks, Lori! - Jodi

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Posting of More Quilt Blocks

(From MQG site)

Elmira and Lauren both had blocks featured this morning. This make Lauren's third appearance on the site. Elmira's block is on the top left with the lush green colored stripes. Lauren's is the bottom right block with the two descending improved stripes and white negative space. Both are very unique (as are all the others featured) and shows the variation in interpreting modern quilting. Great work, ladies. Have a great Saturday. - Jodi

Friday, September 7, 2012

Even More PGH MQG blocks on the MQG Blog

(Photo from MQG website)

Happy Friday everyone. Let's start the day with even more quilt blocks from our guild featured on the MQG website! Hooray!

I was so excited to see this particular block of Stephanie's after all the discussion generated at the August meeting about which of her blocks to send. This block in particular was thoroughly discussed because it was based on a more traditional quilt block pattern. Stephanie's bold color choices modernized this more traditional block and demonstrates the positive relationship between traditional and modern quilting.

(Photo from MQG website)

I also wanted to give a shout out to Dia Sue-Wah Sing and her block, which is located on the far right of the first row. Dia does not live in the Pittsburgh area but regularly visits the area. She recently contacted us about joining the guild for when she happens to be in town. This block is beautiful, and I cannot wait to meet her!

We hope everyone has a great weekend! -Jodi

Thursday, September 6, 2012

More PGH MQG Attendees Featured on MQG's website

(Photo from MQG website)

We've got two more, modern quilters! Both blocks featured on the Modern Quilt Guild website had really great fabric choices that gave the blocks dimensionality. As you can see above Donna McClure's block is located on the far right of the second row.

(Photo from MQG website)

And, Mona Randall's block is letter B in the photo above. We are so excited both of your blocks were featured on the website this morning. - Jodi

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More PGH MQG Blocks Featured on the MQG Website

Melissa's got two blocks up on the MQG site today (Photo from MQG)

What an exciting way to wake up this morning. I checked my email to see the Modern Quilt Guild had a new QuiltCon quilt block challenge feature. Today's focus- Diamonds and Other Angles. Melissa, who has been attending Guild meetings and operates the blog, Classy Quilts, has two blocks featured today. Nicely done, Melissa!

Please click on the embedded links to check out all of the angled blocks and Melissa's blog.

We had a great meeting and workshop this past Sunday. I will be posting meeting notes and an update in the next day or so. Have a great Wednesday! - Jodi

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Intro to Modern Quilting Class Offered Locally

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at today's meeting, but I wanted to share some news for those who are unable to attend.

We recently received an email from Karen at The Quilt Company. In her email Karen let us know Leona Anvy, quilter, blogger, and resident modern quilter/employee at The Quilt Company, will be offering Intro to Modern Quilting this Fall. This is exciting news. Not only is Leona incredible talented- she is very passionate about modern quilting. As well, The Quilt Company has stocked up on modern fabrics for those interested in this class and modern quilting in general. 

Three cheers for the growing interest and love of the modern quilt movement!

The class is being offered at The Quilt Company location in Allison Park, and the cost of the class is $25. The class sounds like the perfect opportunity for those intrigued by modern quilting to let loose their inhibitions and explore this burgeoning area of quilting.

Intro to Modern Quilting
No rules, and quite possibly no rulers either! Modern  quilting  is  all  about  freeform  angles, positive  and  negative  space  and  the  freedom  to create.  Our very own Leona, host of the Leona's Quilting Adventure blog will help you bring your creative spirit up to date and show you how to enjoy the process.
Sat.  Sept. 29 1:00 - 4:00
Sat.  Oct. 27 1:00 - 4:00

To sign up for the class give The Quilt Company a call. Registration can take place over the phone and they can forward you the class supply list once it is available. Let's go stitch!