Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Next Meeting and Things to Come!

Next Meeting Date

Hi all! Due to a scheduling project with the Pittsburgh Project, our next meeting will be August 12, 2012, from 1 to 4. Otherwise, we will meet the first Sunday of every month. Don't worry, we'll keep you posted.

This meeting will start with some brief business, and then a fabric scrap swap! Bring a gallon size freezer bag full of scraps to trade with everyone!
Our first workshop will be improvisational, or "improv" piecing

In our first PghMQG workshop, participants will have the opportunity to get "out of the box," release their fears of improvisation, and learn and practice 2 methods for improvised block piecing.  First, Lauren will teach you how to create improvised "slabs."  Bring your scraps, which should be at least 1" square.  Any shape or size of scrap is perfect for creating a slab!  Second, you will learn how to make wonky, improvised log cabins.  For this, bring strips that are at least 1" wide (but can be any width) by any length you want.  Bring your scraps, sewing machine, cutting board, iron (?), and rotary cutter and let's have fun! 

Things to Come

A Flickr account has been set up, and also a Facebook page is coming soon. Feel free to sign up and start posting! Please note that it is free to join both groups. Anyone can join the Flickr page, but only members can post photos. Membership will be discussed at the next meeting, as we all have one more meeting that we can attend before becoming members. Membership dues will also be discussed. Stay tuned for more, and keep following the blog for more details.

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