Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Next Meeting and Things to Come!

Next Meeting Date

Hi all! Due to a scheduling project with the Pittsburgh Project, our next meeting will be August 12, 2012, from 1 to 4. Otherwise, we will meet the first Sunday of every month. Don't worry, we'll keep you posted.

This meeting will start with some brief business, and then a fabric scrap swap! Bring a gallon size freezer bag full of scraps to trade with everyone!
Our first workshop will be improvisational, or "improv" piecing

In our first PghMQG workshop, participants will have the opportunity to get "out of the box," release their fears of improvisation, and learn and practice 2 methods for improvised block piecing.  First, Lauren will teach you how to create improvised "slabs."  Bring your scraps, which should be at least 1" square.  Any shape or size of scrap is perfect for creating a slab!  Second, you will learn how to make wonky, improvised log cabins.  For this, bring strips that are at least 1" wide (but can be any width) by any length you want.  Bring your scraps, sewing machine, cutting board, iron (?), and rotary cutter and let's have fun! 

Things to Come

A Flickr account has been set up, and also a Facebook page is coming soon. Feel free to sign up and start posting! Please note that it is free to join both groups. Anyone can join the Flickr page, but only members can post photos. Membership will be discussed at the next meeting, as we all have one more meeting that we can attend before becoming members. Membership dues will also be discussed. Stay tuned for more, and keep following the blog for more details.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8th Meeting and Our Official Guild!!

We have a guild!! Hi, I'm Michelle, the new Social Media Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild. We had our second meeting; but really it was milestone. Today we set bylaws into place as well as elected Guild Leadership. Jodi, of course, is our president, Gina the VP, Lauren is the Treasurer, and Lori is our Secretary. Go girls!

During the business meeting, names and introductions were given, and we recapped the first meeting (at Loom). From there, Jodi discussed plans made since that meeting. Items such as the writing of the bylaws were revealed, as well as its ability to grow and adapt with the Guild. Suggested changes were proposed to "loosen" up the  national branch of the Modern Quilt Guild's definition of modern quilting by a few words. Elections were held (obviously), and next steps were detailed.

We, the leadership, will begin coordinating monthly meetings. We are hoping to alternate Guild-taught workshops with follow-up workshops that hold a related sew in. Stay posted for details...... okay, okay, a sneak peak: (!) In August: a scrap swap and scrap-improvised piecing workshop with Lauren. This will help us to get to know one another, as well as build our stash! Bring a gallon sized plastic bag of scraps to swap. More information, and that exact date to follow. September will be a scrap-improvised piece sew in. October: hand and machine applique with myself and Lori, and a follow up to that will be in November with the Tote Bag Project. The tote bag may or may not have applique as part of its construction.

Membership dues will be determined by leadership and voted on at the August meeting. Until dues are set, meetings will cost $5. (This complies with the bylaws.) The total amount that you have paid to date will be deducted from your total membership dues. These dues will likely be prorated anyway, since it is half way through the year.

Lastly, I have one more bit of information,  a side note, and some photos from our Quiltcon Block Challenge Sew in... I hope you have been paying attention to past posts by Jodi, but if you missed something, you can find more information about the Quiltcon Block Challenge here. Or check out some photos here. Please bear with me as I learn to be the new Social Media Coordinator! (THAT was my side note.)  And now, some photos!

 Our collective blocks made so far.... and some ladies working.... and working...... and Lauren, our Treasurer!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

QuiltCon quilt blocks from Jodi

Deconstructed Prayer Flags
I have hung prayer flags in or around the places I have lived for a number of years. They are both beautiful and fascinating to me and bring me immense joy. They were the inspiration for my first QuiltCon quilt block.

Sketch Sketch Sketch

It started as a drawing, which I scanned and dumped into Photoshop for tweaking and scaling.

Pattern Pattern Pattern

A loose pattern emerged, and I built in quarter inch seam allowance.

Completed block

After some fussing about with the pattern and the curves the above 12.5"X 6" block was created.

Current WIP
Above is my current work-in-progress (WIP) for the block challenge. The pins holding it together on one of my design boards says it all. I have limited prints in my stash that contain the colors within the QuiltCon logo, but I am making the best of it. As well, I have long-since been intrigued with the little details in the Michael Miller Peacock Lane print; therefore, I decided to play with it and see what I can get out of it. I don't consider myself an improvised piecer so I am challenging myself all over the place.

Hopefully the blocks posted by myself, Lauren, and Michelle have inspired you to attend the next meeting on Sunday, July 8 from 1:00-400 PM at the Pittsburgh Project.  Please email for details if you are just now finding out about the PGH MQG or scroll down for past blog posts for details.

Lastly, if you have already created a quilt block or three please forward us pictures and a short write-up about your work at the email above. We will post them to the blog to share with your local modern quilting community.

Cheers and see many of you on Sunday- Jodi