Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Draft of Guild Bylaws and Sew Much More

We have a draft of the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild Bylaws
As announced last week we will have our next meeting on Sunday, July 8 at the Pittsburgh Project from 1:00-4:00 PM. Gina and I have been working with Lori, Michelle, and Lauren, who volunteered to help after the first meeting in May. Together we have drafted a set of bylaws. Gina and I are incredibly thankful for their help!

The draft of the bylaws is now available for your review on the Guild Meeting Notes page. Please review this draft before our next meeting. We will be discussing the draft, making suggested changes, and voting on the final draft.

Guild Leadership Elections
Once we have successfully approved and voted on the bylaws we will move on to electing Guild leadership.

We need to fill the following positions:
Vice President
Treasurer/Membership Coordinator
Social Media Coordinator

A description of each of these positions is provided in the draft of the bylaws. If you are interested in nominating yourself for one of these leadership positions please send an email informing us of your self-nomination, the position, and provide a brief paragraph about yourself. This paragraph is a way for us to get to know you better and will only be shared privately via the Guild mailing list.

Please submit your nomination no later than Saturday, June 30, 2012. Once we have gathered all of the nominees we will forward the list for you to review before the meeting on July 8.

QuiltCon Block Challenge
Our first sewing activity, which will take place after we conduct general business on Sunday, July 8, will be the block challenge from the QuiltCon coordinators. This is a fun way for us to get to know one another and participate as a guild celebrating modern quilting.  The theme is “What does modern quilting mean to you?”

More information can be found here: QuiltCon Challenge. There are links to a few online fabric shops that have created fabric bundles, which fit within the challenge’s guidelines. However, you may have fabrics in your stash that fit these guidelines, and there are plenty of local fabric stores that carry these solids and a variety of matching prints.

Please plan on bringing any supplies you may need to create your quilt block(s)- this includes your sewing machine. The Project has tables, chairs, and electrical outlets, but you may also want to bring an extension cord.

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