Sunday, May 6, 2012

Meeting Day and Start-up Survey

Good morning Pittsburgh Modern Quilters! 

The official launch meeting is only a few hours away. We have had so many RSVPs in the last month for today's meeting, and Gina and I are very excited to meet all of you that will be able to attend. It's nice to know there is a passion for modern quilting alive and well in our great city, and we hope this is a start to a beautiful, creative community. 

For those of you unable to attend today or have concerns about venturing out in city traffic because of this morning's marathon we have prepared an online survey to gather your interests and wants out of the Guild. 

You can find it here: SURVEY!

Completion of the survey will take as much time as you are willing to dedicate. Please feel free to be as brief or descriptive to your liking. We will also be completing the same survey at today's meeting. Once we have all of the information compiled we will share the results with the group.

Today's meeting is set to start at 2 PM at Loom in the Strip. There will be snacks and beverages. Please bring your ideas along with your enthusiasm!  


  1. I'm so sorry I had to miss today! I didn't even know about the marathon until I was downtown -- got diverted so many different ways that I ended up in Oakland! I tried to go down via Lawrenceville, too, but was thwarted yet again.

    Darn! I will do the survey and look forward to the next time we meet.


    1. Heidi- I am so sorry traffic kept you from making it. It seems like traffic was an issue depending on what side of town you were coming from. We are planning to meet next month- details to come. Please complete the survey, and I will keep you and everyone else in the loop as we continue.