Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello! Hello! Hello!

I am very excited that I have been receiving emails from people interested in getting involved with this guild. Thank you for the emails!

As well, thank you to Gina at Loom for spreading the news of the first guild meeting through Loom's newsletter and word-of-mouth at this past weekend's Three Rivers Quilt Show. Did anyone else go to the quilt show?

For those few of you currently following the blog I would appreciate some feedback. Aside from the blog are any of you interested in a Facebook page where we can begin communicating and posting some of our current quilt projects? A few people who have contacted me can't make the first meeting. As well, one person interested in joining the guild lives 2-3 hours outside of Pittsburgh and won't always be able to meet up with the group. I would think a Facebook page would be a great way for everyone to stay involved. 

Please reply in the comments section and let me know your thoughts. I am certainly open to other suggestions, like Flickr and whatever other multi-media, social-networking tools that get keep the communication open.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. - Jodi

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  1. I stopped by the show after work on Thursday - there were some really nice quilts there. Next year we'll have to represent with some more modern quilts! Very disappointed that nobody called to tell me I won one of those baskets or sewing machines I bought a chance for. haha

    A Facebook page sounds like a good idea to me! I'm new to blogging/flickr and still prefer Facebook.