Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Establishing a Modern Quilt Guild in Pittsburgh

Modern Circus Baby Quilt

Hello! I am relatively new to the Pittsburgh area and would like to establish a local Modern Quilt Guild with anyone interested in modern quilting. Please visit the Modern Quilt Guild website to learn more information about modern quilting.

This post is my first step in establishing the Guild. I am also currently working up setting up a meeting to take place in April or May 2012 at a locally-owned fabric/quilt store. Basically, I am following these guidelines and am eager to find modern quilters interested in getting together to share our work, learn from one another, and make amazing modern quilts.

If you happen to come across this new blog site, please shoot me an email if you are interesting in getting involved and making this happen. Thanks. Jodi


  1. Hi Jodi,
    I am the local quilting and sewing writer for Examiner.com. I saw your post on Quilt Pittsburgh facebook page, and would like to feature you in an article if you are interested.

    Mary Lynn Parson

  2. Hi Mary Lynn! Thanks for the comment and interest in the PGH MQG.
    Please shoot me an email at the pittsburghmqg email account, and we can set something up! (I don't want to post the email here b/c of spammers. There is a link embedded in a few blog posts, and it's on the meeting advertisement.)